How to fit an Electric Shower?

Mira Sport Thermostatic (9.8kW 9.0kw)An electric shower is a very simple device similar to the elements used in a fast boil kettle. But before you fit a new or replacement shower there are certain precautions you must take. First, an electric shower generally requires about 1.5 bar water pressure to operate normally. You would need to check this with a plumber although most homes have sufficient pressure to cope.
Secondly is the power. Shower ratings between 7.5 kw to 10.5 kw will vary in the size of cabling required for safety (from 6mm2 to 10mm2 or above). All electric showers should run direct from the main power board and have some type of residual protection. There is also the flow rate of the shower. In the US, legislation states that showerheads must deliver less than 2.5 gallons per minute, this can seriously disrupt your shower but we will look at that later in the article.
Once you have the right size cable coming through, make sure you have enough to wire into the unit. Remove the front cover from the unit and feed the cable from the wall through the back of the shower unit. Hold the unit against the wall and mark the location of the screw holes. Drill the holes and refit the unit, ensuring the cable does not get trapped behind the back plate.
Secure the unit to the wall but do not tighten yet, you may need a little movement when fitting the water inlet pipe.
Ensure there are no blockages in the pipe coming through the shower or bathroom wall.
Measure and cut the required length of pipe to reach the shower unit. (It is always advisable to fit a non-return valve on the inlet pipe from the mains.)
Fit the pipe between the inlet and the shower and tighten with a wrench. Connect the cable to the switch block inside the shower unit and tighten the screws onto the wall. Finally, refit the front cover, fit your shower rail to the wall and attach the shower hose to the unit.
Generally, you should commission an electric shower before using it. This is done by isolating the power and flushing water through the system before the elements are turned on. Once complete you can turn the power on and set to the desired temperature.
You may find that you have allow water pressure’ (see para2 USA regulations), coming through the shower head. This can be eliminated in one of two ways. Either strip the shower head and remove the washer limiting the flow or get a low pressure shower head with smaller holes. This will deliver the same amount of water but with greater power.

How to Remodel a Kitchen?

How to Remodel a KitchenThe heart of a home is the kitchen. Thus, it needs to be beautiful, cozy and its ambiance should be delightful enough to unload you from a heavy, stressful day. More importantly, the kitchen is where the family usually gathers for fellowship and converse the happenings throughout the day. It should be hygienic too. It will be absurd if you serve healthy foods in a germ mutating area.

But this is also where you work tiresome dish washing, cooking, and cleaning. Hence, it needs to be in a place where you can still be energetic even when you are busy and tired.

How can your kitchen be remodeled according to the trend today with fewer expenses? Considering the crisis most of the people are experiencing, you need to follow some tips carefully to get the quality you desire without spending much.

Plan, Explore, and Discover. You need to plan your tentative budget, the target date of starting and finishing the work. The color and design are suited to you and your family. You can visit open house exhibits.

Explore its designs, quality and brands of the materials used. Discover the variety of contractor’s price. Compare the prices of the materials inclusive in the contractor’s package deals. Be careful! You might be tricked into its prices from the hardware just near you.

Solicit advice and opinions. Gather ideas from friends or even relatives yet, it is always best to create your style with originality which designs are with a personal touch.

Choose the right time to execute your plan. When it’s not a peak season in your town that everybody gets to renovate and remodel their houses, it is the right time. The demand for contractors, architect, carpenters, and materials are low thus; its cost is also low. But when the demand is high it is untimely to accomplish your plan with a shoestring budget.

Choose materials carefully. There are materials sold with discounts but are still with good quality. The materials should be of great value so as the entire house resale value won’t depreciate if and when you decide to sell it.

Make Your Home More Relaxing by doing it yourself. If there are faucets, sink, counter tops, cabinets that you can fix them all by yourself – do it! No need for contractors, plumbers, carpenters, or architect. If you are confident in you creativity with designs and taste of art – do it. It will not cost you much. Nevertheless, it will add value to yourself and your abode.

Handheld shower head: best choice for your bathroom


Having the right shower head may be the key to a relaxing and enjoyable shower. For a lot of people, their shower in the morning is an integral part of their daily routine. Besides just keeping clean, a shower is a good way to wake you up in the morning and get you ready for the day ahead. Stationary and held shower heads are two very different items, so it’s only wise to check them out first.
Fixed showerheads are showerheads that do not come off the wall as opposed to a handheld shower head, which have a flexible tube or hose attached to allow for movement and can be used to give you a better shower. The handheld variations are great for bathing pets and children, and it can be aimed in any direction to make things easier as well Actually, a number of people prefer handhelds because they can aim it at specific parts of their body, allowing for targeted rinsing. this is great if you often use excess shampoo or soap.
If you decide on a shower head that is fixed, you may want to find one with an adjustable height. Height-adjustable showerheads are available so people who are taller or shorter than average can fully enjoy the shower, instead of having to bend over awkwardly or backing to the shower wall just so they can enjoy it.
Some features can apply to both a handheld shower head and a fixed showerhead. A good way for homeowners to save some money monthly is through low flow shower head models. Some showerheads start off with low water pressure to begin with in order to minimize waste. Cut off valves are also available to make sure that no water is wasted when you’re lathering up or even shampooing. While there are many people who enjoy the beat of the water on their bodies, just as many people are concerned with their bills.
Overall, handheld shower heads provide the same features of fixed models because they can be hung on the wall as well when not being held in hand. This is one thing to keep in mind. Additionally, neither type has any exclusive spray patterns so they are on equal footing when it comes to spray effectiveness as well .
The handheld shower head, especially if coupled with a wall mount, is the clear winner in terms of use as it just has more options than a fixed showerhead. There is no doubt that these showerheads are easy to use and very convenient in a variety of situations.

Bathroom Remodeling: Corner Shower

Corner Shower Design

Bathroom Remodeling: Corner Shower is one of the greatest and beautiful things a homeowner can do to their house. The remodeling of a bathroom has a lot to do with an increase in the home value and a clean and neatly groomed bathroom can instantly boost the selling price of the house. If the house is to be sold, the ideas used to remodel the bathroom tend to pay themselves and if the house is not to be sold, then the owner will have a nice treat whereby, the bathroom will offer a place of relaxation and add to the decency of the house.
Bathrooms are no more just spaces where we take bath, they are also a place where we relax and let go of all worries being away from the whole wide world for a while. So it is necessary to maintain the style and model of a bathroom.

Like everything else, a bathroom too can deteriorate with time and require repair. So, one must be aware of the fact that a bathroom may require remodeling from time to time.

There are several aspects that you need to take care of before you can proceed with a Bathroom Remodeling: Corner Shower project. If you have never planned for a bathroom renovation project before, you must know a few essential facts regarding a renovation process.

1. You must first realize the purpose of bathroom remodeling. If you are planning to sell out your home, you must look forward to enhance the look of your bathroom so as to increase the curb appeal of your house. if you wish to renovate your bathroom to replace the fittings, faucets, etc. you must first take a note of all the things that you need to replace or renovate.

2. Next step is to estimating the charges of getting the renovation project done. You must be having a fixed budget. You must make sure that the whole remodeling process is not exceeding your set budget. If it is, then you must look for the ways of curtailing the charges.

3. A Bathroom Remodeling: Corner Shower project cannot be accomplished without professional help. one must call for contractors who are well adept in remodeling projects. Do a thorough check on the background of the contractor whom you are about to hire. This will rule out the chances of dealing with an inefficient remodeler.

4. When you are remodeling an aged bathroom, it may so happen that you have to replace something that you did not plan on to. This may lead to extra charges. So, you must be prepared to face unforeseen charges. In the course of remodeling process, a competent contractor may come across something that must be immediately replaced.

Remodeling process may be the only resort to save an aging bathroom. An aged bathroom functions poorly and can be an eye soar to a properly maintained house. So, if you are finding it difficult to cope up with a poorly functioning bathroom, you must opt for bathroom remodeling. Woodbridge has a number of professional bathroom contractors whom you can trust.

With affordable Bathroom Remodeling: Corner Shower ideas, a homeowner can cheaply refurbish their bathroom and make it more appealing. However, remodeling depends on the kind of work to be done in the bathroom which may range from simple decorations to few structural changes and fixtures. The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that is required to be clean always, therefore the work involved mostly is demanding hence making many home owners end up spending a lot because they lack the basic ideas of affordable bathroom remodeling. The simple ideas are worth it because they can help one achieve better results and reach the remodeling goals without having to spend a lot.

Designing the Perfect Bathroom


Although some people make the mistake of thinking that remodeling or renovating their bathroom does not seem like a big deal it actually is. You need to draw up an accurate floor plan that takes into account the space you have to work with while keeping to the budget you have. It is not so simple after all and there is still the actual work that is involved.

Redesigning or renovating your bathroom doesn’t just incorporate the configuration or the improvements. It is critical that you have a lavatory floor arrangement made before you begin any changes. Basically, bathroom floor plans are the start point in any remodeling or redesigning in your bathroom. You have to take into consideration everything in your bathroom especially the fittings and fixtures because it would me more difficult and costly to make changes once everything has been plumbed in.

Consider Your Needs

It might be worthwhile to consider leaving the original floor plan in place. Unless you are intending to make major changes there may be no need to design a whole new floor plan. Perhaps a few adjustments is all that you need to make.

Although you may be eager to begin to purchase things for your new bathroom it is necessary that you exercise some restraint. The chances are that you will be called upon to compromise at some point in time, irrespective of your budget. The important thing is that you do not compromise on the practicality of the bathroom, which means you will have to compromise on style and design. So first make sure of the space you have and then go and purchase the extras.

Designing Your Bathroom Plans

In designing your bathroom plans, make sure that you use a scale paper that is easy to use and accommodate the exact measurements of the bathroom you have in mind. It is important to include all windows, doors, radiators as well as the fitting that may affect the layout of the bathroom.

You must also keep in mind if you plan to move the existing plumbing system, this will be very costly. Moving around a toilet may be easily done in drawing but for real, this will be a major job, so try to keep those things in their current location.

Make certain that your bathroom will be the right size for your house. The ideal size will be cozy and comfortable as well as practical. Bear this in mind when you select furniture for your bathroom as well. Although you want enough space you do not want the bathroom to look empty and bare. Alternatively, do not go overboard and crowd the space with furniture either.

The Perfect Balance

By considering the size, the amount of furnishings you have in mind as well as the thought of making your bathroom a “comfort-zone” while you make the bathroom floor plan designs, you’ll get that perfect balance as well as the look that your bathroom is specially made for its custom fit.

If the whole things seems a bit too overwhelming for you do not feel bad. You have the option of letting a professional do it instead.

Choosing the Best Fixtures for Your Bathroom

best bathroom featuresAre you planning to redecorate, refurbish or renovate your bathroom? Are you afraid to buy different types of bathroom supplies and equipment due to lack of idea and information?

Our bathroom is one vital area of our house that needs care and attention. It is a multi-functional area not only for the family, but also for colleagues, friends, neighbors and relatives. It is where we rejuvenate and re-energize after long stressful day from the office and school. It is where we relax, where we wash ourselves, where we sanitize and where cleanse ourselves. It is an area with the highest traffic because it is where we spend several hours tending ourselves and taking care of other needs.

Despite it significance to the family and to other people, it is one of the neglected area of the house when it comes to interior design plans. If you decide to upgrade your bathroom, you should make sure that you have the right bath and shower fixtures to meet the individual needs of family members. The most common bathroom fixtures which should be considered in your purchase of bathroom fixtures include shower, toilets, sinks and tubs.

Bathroom fixtures are of different shapes, colors, and designs. You have bathroom fixtures for lights, toilets and other bathroom gadgets. You need to be sure that you are deciding on the best one. The following are things to consider that will assist you acquire the best bathroom fixtures for your bathroom.


What is the setting of your bathroom? The setting of your bathroom determines a lot of things when you are redesigning. To obtain the best bathroom fixtures, you will have to confirm that they blend well with the main setting of your bathroom whether it is country, Elizabethan or modern.


The financial power you have ultimately determines the sort of bathroom fixtures that you are going to get. You can obtain the best bathroom fixtures if you have the money to afford it. On the other hand, if your budget is a bit tight, check out Lowe’s or home depot for good quality bathroom fixtures at affordable rates. Make sure that the ones you select have replacement parts so that you save yourself the trouble of going out to buy anymore.

In every purchase that you make, be sure to consider how much you can afford without compromising the quality and durability of the item. Budget is the most effective determinant in commercial purchase because it makes it easier for use to eliminate those that we cannot afford and out of price range. Whatever items you buy, make sure that it is not only practical, but convenient as well.


Bathroom fixtures come in an array of colors. You need to be sure that you select the fixtures that compliment the theme color of your bathroom. Remember that bathroom redesign is all about strategic placement. The color of the fixtures must be placed to blend in with the bathroom.


With the myriad styles and designs that emerged everyday, it is vital for you to consider the theme and style. Do you want to have a modern bathroom? Do you want to have a contemporary themed bath and shower room? At present, stainless steel and metallic colors are popular among homeowners. When choosing a specific color, be sure to match it with any style and your personality.


Whatever item you buy, never compromise the durability and quality of the bathroom products you buy. What is the use of buying trendy and beautiful items if it will not last long? With resourcefulness and diligence, you can find stylish, affordable and durable bath and shower items. Drive in stores and surf the Internet to look for the best deals in town.

Bathroom Fixtures

Before you start your purchase, be sure to consider and assess the items you need. By having a list of these items, you avoid buying unnecessary and unneeded items. If you like items found in magazines, get the name of the distributor, search for it in the Internet and assess its availability, its price and the retail store that distribute these products. Buying products online lets you save money, time and gasoline.

By following the suggestions and tips mentioned above, you can buy the bath and shower items you like best.

How to choose the best shower for your bathroom

bathrom with handheld shower headMost of the shower heads are quite impressive but few are a hundred percent appropriate to your needs will need some considerable amount of time. It is normally an uphill task identifying the best kind of showers and the best handheld shower head. One thing you should know is that hygiene in the bathroom is something very necessary. That should be the basic necessity and it will be determined by the type of materials you use in the bathroom. Also, the maintenance practices such as regular cleaning and replacement of broken tabs and pipes are very necessary. One daunting question that many people normally ask themselves is that will the type of shower really be appropriate as to meet my needs? For example, you may need shower heads which utilizes water and let out the adequate amount of showers required. You may also need a shower head that doesn’t let out too much water as to flood all the parts of the bathroom floor. Make your bathroom an experience to use by decorating it with decorative hardware and coordinates. This will increase the value and the aesthetic look of the bathroom which is very necessary especially for a hotel or guest rooms. Choosing an appropriate shower for your bathroom is quite easy. You should consider the following.

Consider taste and colour

It is always necessary to ensure that you match the colour and material of the bathroom components with that of the shower you choose. This is very necessary in that it will increase the aesthetic look of the bathroom. You wouldn’t need a bathroom with dark materials and shouting and clashing colours with dull look. You will therefore need an appropriate colour. White is the best colour and in choosing white, it needs consistency. Since it is purposed to expose and remove dirt, the bathroom should be white. In this case, you will have to look for a white shower. The bathroom should have mirrors and adequate accessories to comfy the experience of a shower. Drainage is very important and the bathroom should be designed in such a way that the drainage system is well placed and the water gets drained. It should be made in such a way that it slants to drain water easily. A flat bathroom floor will make it very difficult to manage the floor of water and the general hygiene of the bathroom.

Consider quality

This is an element that should be prioritized. Quality ranges from the type of material to the strength of the shower. It is always important to acquire the best quality of material that suits the bathroom and accessories. For instance you will first need to observe the quality of the bathroom materials. Then the quality of the bathroom materials will have to go hand in hand with the quality of the the shower. Consistency with the quality is very important since it will maintain the standards of the bathroom and will prevent ruining and damage of the bathroom materials.

Durability is also important

The type of material used should also be very durable and possess a considerable amount of strength. It will be very embarrassing to have the shower cut half way because of a damage of the shower. The strength of the shower should be in such a way that the water pressure doesn’t damage it. Plastic shower though they are normally cheap, they are prone to damage, especially with very hot showers. The metallic ones would therefore be appropriate as far as durability is concerned. It is stronger and will last longer. This will come in handy in terms of minimising cost of maintenance. You wouldn’t also need to go to the shop every time to acquire another piece.

You should consider the above basic things when buying or acquiring a bathroom shower for your home or for a hotel. Then you will realize the difference in the look and function of the bathroom that will make a shower an experience. It is always good to improve the face of the bathroom. If it is a hotel, it will satisfy adequately and appropriately the needs of the customers and will improve the appeal of the place to visitors thus more customers and profits to your hotel.